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Glastonbury 2003 - The Daddy of All Festivals

Streaming Festivals and Live Events

Streaming festival events is a fairly new communication channel for the entertainment industry. Detailed below is an overview of how we streamed some of the lesser known events at Glastonbury Festival.

Glasto 2003 was blessed by mother nature. The sun shone and everybody smiled broadly for the duration of the event, no need for the ubiquitous wellies and bin-bags!

Apart from the headlining acts on the Pyramid, Dance and Other Stage's there are hundreds of lesser known goings on that make Glasto a unique festival for anybody to participate in and enjoy.

Streaming Wizard was commissioned along with Havelina Ltd to produce several short films of these activities from around the whole of the Glasto village. Click on the links below to taste a bit of the 'other' Glasto:

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