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Windows Media Push Streaming

Start Windows Media Encoder

You will be prompted with the following pop up box. (If not select New from the File menu at the top left of the main window and this will open it up). Double click on broadcast a live event, highlighted in the diagram below.

streaming live webcast

A Device Options window will appear:
Select the device you have plugged in and want to use to capture your broadcast. Then click next.

live streaming instructions

A Broadcast Method window will now appear:
Highlight push in order that you send out the stream from your end and then click next.

push account information

A Server and Publishing Point window will now appear:
In order to complete this page, you will be advised by Streaming Wizard which server you are connecting to and the publishing point, in order to fill these boxes with the correct information.
Details in the Copy settings from box should be left as the default (use default publishing point settings)
The tick-box next to Remove publishing point automatically should be ticked. Then click next.

live streaming instructions

An Encoding Options window will now appear:
Select the appropriate encoding options applicable to your webcast and equipment available. If you require advice on these, please contact Streaming Wizard. Click on next.

step by step streaming guide

An Archive File window now appears:
It is advisable when streaming a live webcast to make a recording to tape at the same time, this will ensure you have a high quality back-up which can be edited and re-encoded for future on-demand streaming.

You can select Archive in the window below. However the quality of this will only be as good as the live webcast that you are sending out from your local connection, and the extra load on your encoding computer may affect your webcast. Always run a test before doing this and make sure that your hard drive has enough space to archive the video stream. Click next.

live streaming help

An Include Video Files window now appears:

It is possible to add video files to be played, before, after or during a live stream, such as a welcome or intermission. If you want to include such files, highlight the 'yes' option, as highlighted below and make sure you have your necessary files available. Click next.


Select from the options displayed below as appropriate, choosing the files you wish to be played. Click next.

If you do not wish to add any video files, select the No option and click next.

A Display Information window now appears:
Complete the boxes below with your details. This meta information will appear in the properties display on your users media players. Click next.

A Settings Review window now appears:
This window details a review of all the encoding details you have just input. Click on finish.

In order to start the live encoding process and webcast, a window will appear which will ask you for a username and password. Streaming Wizard will advise you of these.

A new window will appearUntitled - Windows Media Encoder
Click on the start encoding tab, as highlighted below you are now streaming a live webcast!

Link details for your viewers to access the live webcast
Streaming Wizard will provide you with link details that you can cut and paste into a webpage or email, in order for your viewers to access the live webcast simply and easily by the click of a mouse. Viewers will see a window like that shown below.

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