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How to use the JW Player with Streaming Wizard's hosting services

This demonstrates the JW Player's ability to skip to a later point in the video upon loading.

*This example uses the JW Player version 6.7

  • Click me to skip to 2 minutes in

This function uses a seperate section of script, utilising JW Player's API to 'seek' to the given number of seconds into the video. You can also use the following code for a clickable peice of text that will skip to the given number of seconds, as demonstrated under the player. Several of these in a list can be useful for letting people skip between several important sections in a video. Note that this integer is the number of seconds into the video, not a percentage or anything else.

We also demonstrate another way of managing chapters in your video here.

For more information, check out JW Player's official instructions here.

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